I am thrilled to announce the release of my brand new title  . . . VISITED!

Visited is a YA coming-of-age fantasy that promises to surprise you! Read the official blurb here:

Seventeen-year-old Joanna Murphy has lost faith in her life. Vying for her mom’s attention, she’s resentful of her stepdad’s intrusion to their family. Her best friend, Tommy, has no clue she’s in love with him as he dates girl after girl without noticing how it tortures her. The final kicker, though, is God’s sick joke to make her freakishly tall when everyone knows boys prefer petite girls.

Then in a bizarre accident Joanna meets James, a breathtaking teen who appears to her after an unusual falling star sighting. Suddenly, her dream for an alien encounter becomes all too real. But when she finds her life has been made unrecognizable, she’s forced into an explosive study of the original design for her life that just may have her regretting every wish she ever made.


*Get your copy from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or Smashwords today. Available in both ebook and paperback formats!

Check out the gorgeous ebook and full wrap covers by Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations (http://www.okaycreations.com)

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Hello to all you wonderful fans of books! I would like to update you on the current happenings with my work.

First, REMATCH, Book 1 of The Vortex Series, is on sale for a limited time in honor of my birthday this month. Only $.99 on Amazon! Grab it or gift it before it goes back up to $2.99.


Secondly, I’m in the middle of a 500 like challenge for my author Facebook page. Once I hit 500 likes, I will be gifting 2 sets of ebooks of REMATCH and DOUBLE FAULT to two new followers. Go like me now and enter to win!


Thirdly, starting today on the Goodreads Group, Never Too Old For Y.A. Books, 10 ebooks of Double Fault will be offered on their R4R program. Why not sign up and get your copy for free?


Fourthly, I now have my very own Goodreads Fan Group! Would love for you to join us. It’s so much fun to get to know new fans of my books.


Finally (whew!), I am days away from releasing my new title, VISITED (see Books page). Stay tuned!

Thank you for following me! I wish you all a wonderful summer of reading and relaxing!

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I’m thrilled to reveal the cover for DEUCE, the epic conclusion in my YA fantasy romance series. Deuce, Book 3 of The Vortex Series, will be released this fall, but it’s not too early to add it to your Goodreads TBR list today.

Here is the official blurb, paperback full wrap, and the ebook cover. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

In an instant everything changes for seventeen-year-old Cassie Moore. Together she and her time-traveling boyfriend, Trent Astor, battle to survive their next impossible challenge. As they navigate through a third parallel world in which Cassie begged Trent to create for her, the two soon discover no world can be made perfect.

And while they fight through their new circumstances, the universe may just have its own agenda for them both.

With DEUCE, the 3rd and final book of The Vortex Series, Janine Caldwell combines fantasy and romance to create a compelling love story of integrity and sacrifice.

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What, you ask, could possibly be the correlation between Sedona vortexes and the rockin’ Foo Fighters?

Simple. They’re both heavy influences on my YA fantasy romance series starring teen musician, Trent Astor, and former tennis prodigy, Cassie Moore.

I confess. When it comes to the Foo Fighters, I am a full blown, obsessive, drum-along-as-best-I-can, eternally faithful, fanatic, super fan! My 20s, 30s, and now 40s (ack!) would simply not have been the same without their music to inspire, entertain, and drive me through many a workout. When I sat down to write book 1 of The Vortex Series, REMATCH, I knew parts of their spirit would seep into the pages. I hope I’ve done them justice.

Obvious influences in the books include a few of the characters’ names and the actual playing of their songs throughout the series by Trent’s high school garage band. However, it’s the actual lyrics from a few of their greats that really come to life through the story. Songs like “My Hero” and “M.I.A.” are portrayed by Trent, an ordinary guy who happens to receive extraordinary powers.

“Best of You” echoed in my mind when I crafted Cassie in the beginning of Book 1. Not yet the girl she will eventually grow to be, she lets her crummy boyfriend, Jeff, walk all over her. So much so, you want to blast this song in her face until she recognizes his abuse too!

However, the most crucial song that captures how Trent feels toward the end of Book 1 is the acoustic version of “Times Like These.” If I had the copyright permission, I would’ve included the poignant lyrics in the book. One, because they’re so damn good, and two, because they say everything Trent can’t. True poetry.

Now, without giving away too much of the story, Sedona plays a major role in The Vortex Series. It becomes a character in itself, really. If you want to learn exactly how, you’re just going to have to read the books to get the answer. : )

I hope readers, young and old, will enjoy my ode to the Foo Fighters and the awe and love I have for Sedona.

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A Reflection Into This Past Year & News For 2013

Welcome to my brand new website and blog! Although I was blogging through Goodreads, I love that I now have my very own place to ramble. Somehow an entire year slipped by since I released the first two books of my young adult fantasy romance series. With this month marking the one-year anniversary for Rematch and Double Fault, I thought I would pause and reflect over my journey. What an education I’ve received into the world of self-publishing! I’ve met moments of amazing highs and some moments I’d rather forget. Despite the vast tastes in YA literature, however, I’m happy to report the response to my work has been quite positive. Of course I can’t please everyone, but I’m thrilled other readers have enjoyed Cassie and Trent’s epic love story.


For the fans of my series, I want to thank you all for your outpouring in support and encouragement. You can’t know what it means to me. Thank you for buying the books, telling your friends about them, gifting them, placing them in your school and public libraries, inviting me to speak at your schools, and writing reviews—an author’s bread and butter for attracting readers and establishing rank. Basically, this is me hugging each and everyone of you.

Shout outs, especially, to the friends I’ve made in the industry. You’ve shown me that perfect strangers are willing to go out of their way to help a newbie author. Bloggers, reviewers, indie authors, Goodreads friends, social media gods and goddesses . . . thank you. I would not have gotten very far without your help.


New covers for The Vortex Series (Rematch, Double Fault, Deuce) by Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations – www.okaycreations.net
A brand new novel! I plan to release Visited, a YA coming-of-age fantasy, this June. More on this new novel on the “books” page
A fall release of Deuce, the final installment of The Vortex Series. I hope this will be the best one yet and that I can end the series in a satisfying way


 Here I am exhibiting at the Tucson Festival of Books 3/13
Nerd Alert!

Nerd Alert!



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