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What, you ask, could possibly be the correlation between Sedona vortexes and the rockin’ Foo Fighters?

Simple. They’re both heavy influences on my YA fantasy romance series starring teen musician, Trent Astor, and former tennis prodigy, Cassie Moore.

I confess. When it comes to the Foo Fighters, I am a full blown, obsessive, drum-along-as-best-I-can, eternally faithful, fanatic, super fan! My 20s, 30s, and now 40s (ack!) would simply not have been the same without their music to inspire, entertain, and drive me through many a workout. When I sat down to write book 1 of The Vortex Series, REMATCH, I knew parts of their spirit would seep into the pages. I hope I’ve done them justice.

Obvious influences in the books include a few of the characters’ names and the actual playing of their songs throughout the series by Trent’s high school garage band. However, it’s the actual lyrics from a few of their greats that really come to life through the story. Songs like “My Hero” and “M.I.A.” are portrayed by Trent, an ordinary guy who happens to receive extraordinary powers.

“Best of You” echoed in my mind when I crafted Cassie in the beginning of Book 1. Not yet the girl she will eventually grow to be, she lets her crummy boyfriend, Jeff, walk all over her. So much so, you want to blast this song in her face until she recognizes his abuse too!

However, the most crucial song that captures how Trent feels toward the end of Book 1 is the acoustic version of “Times Like These.” If I had the copyright permission, I would’ve included the poignant lyrics in the book. One, because they’re so damn good, and two, because they say everything Trent can’t. True poetry.

Now, without giving away too much of the story, Sedona plays a major role in The Vortex Series. It becomes a character in itself, really. If you want to learn exactly how, you’re just going to have to read the books to get the answer. : )

I hope readers, young and old, will enjoy my ode to the Foo Fighters and the awe and love I have for Sedona.

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