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A Reflection Into This Past Year & News For 2013

Welcome to my brand new website and blog! Although I was blogging through Goodreads, I love that I now have my very own place to ramble. Somehow an entire year slipped by since I released the first two books of my young adult fantasy romance series. With this month marking the one-year anniversary for Rematch and Double Fault, I thought I would pause and reflect over my journey. What an education I’ve received into the world of self-publishing! I’ve met moments of amazing highs and some moments I’d rather forget. Despite the vast tastes in YA literature, however, I’m happy to report the response to my work has been quite positive. Of course I can’t please everyone, but I’m thrilled other readers have enjoyed Cassie and Trent’s epic love story.


For the fans of my series, I want to thank you all for your outpouring in support and encouragement. You can’t know what it means to me. Thank you for buying the books, telling your friends about them, gifting them, placing them in your school and public libraries, inviting me to speak at your schools, and writing reviews—an author’s bread and butter for attracting readers and establishing rank. Basically, this is me hugging each and everyone of you.

Shout outs, especially, to the friends I’ve made in the industry. You’ve shown me that perfect strangers are willing to go out of their way to help a newbie author. Bloggers, reviewers, indie authors, Goodreads friends, social media gods and goddesses . . . thank you. I would not have gotten very far without your help.


New covers for The Vortex Series (Rematch, Double Fault, Deuce) by Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations –
A brand new novel! I plan to release Visited, a YA coming-of-age fantasy, this June. More on this new novel on the “books” page
A fall release of Deuce, the final installment of The Vortex Series. I hope this will be the best one yet and that I can end the series in a satisfying way


 Here I am exhibiting at the Tucson Festival of Books 3/13
Nerd Alert!

Nerd Alert!



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